Aviation Glossary of Terms, Acronyms & Definitions - Letter U

UDF engine. Un-ducted Fan™. The trade name registered by General Electric for a type of ultra-high-bypass turbofan engine that drives one or more wide-blade propellers that have between eight and twelve blades. These blades, which are not enclosed in a duct or shroud, are very thin, have wide chords, and are highly swept back in a scimitar shape that enables them to power airplanes flying in the speed range near Mach 0.8.

UHB (ultra-high-bypass) engine. A turbine that drives a pair of ducted or un-ducted contrarotating propellers which have eight to 12 variable-pitch blades. These blades are very thin, have wide chords, and are swept back with a scimitar shape that allows them to power airplanes flying in the speed range of Mach 0.8. The blades are made of advanced composites for high strength and light weight. USH engines may be of either the tractor or pusher type, and have a bypass ratio in excess of 30:1.

UHF. Ultrahigh frequency.

Ultimate tensile strength. The tensile strength required to cause a material to break or to continue to deform under a decreasing load.

Ultraviolet-blocking dope. Dope that contains aluminum powder or some other pigment that blocks the passage of ultraviolet rays of the sun. The coat of dope protects the organic fabrics and clear dope from deterioration by these rays.

Undamped oscillation. Oscillation that continues with an unchanging amplitude once it has started.

Underslung rotor. A helicopter rotor whose center of gravity is below the point at which it is attached to the mast.

Underspeed condition. A speed condition in which the engine is turning at an RPM lower than that for which the propeller governor is set.

Unidirectional fabric. Fabric in which all the threads run in the same direction. These threads are often bound with a few fibers run at right angles, just enough to hold the yarns together and prevent their bunching.

Unidirectional fibers. Fibers in a piece of composite material arranged so that they sustain loads in only one direction.

Unloading valve. This is another name for system pressure regulator. See system pressure regulator.

Updraft carburetor. A carburetor that mounts on the bottom of a reciprocating engine. Air entering the engine flows upward through the carburetor.

Upper-deck pressure. The absolute pressure of air at the inlet to the fuel metering system of a turbocharged engine. Upper-deck pressure is the same as the turbocharger discharge pressure.

Utility finish. The finish of an aircraft that gives the necessary tautness and fill to the fabric and the necessary protection to the metal, but does not have the glossy appearance of a show-type finish.

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