Question Papers - Airframe and Powerplant Systems

Are you about to sit for your A&P license? Do you feel adequately prepared? One of the best ways to equip yourself is to get test questions and do them.

Benefits of doing test papers

  • It helps you build your self-confidence.
  • It sharpens your skills
  • They prepare you psychologically
  • It increases your efficiency
  • It helps you to mark out your weak area
  • It helps you to understand the exam questions style

Question types

A test paper is included with.
  • Fill in blank
  • True or false
  • Matching
  • Knowledge application
  • Multiple choice

Who can access?

Only patrons have access to test papers. There are four types of test papers available to patrons.
  • Type 1 – (for subsonic tier)
  • Type 2 – (for transonic tier)
  • Type 3 & 4 – (for supersonic tier)

-Format: PDF (Sample)
-Fillable: yes
-Printable: yes
-Downloadable: yes