Physics for Aviation

Physical science, which is most often called physics, is a very interesting and exciting topic. For an individual who likes technical things and is a hands-on type of person, physics is an invaluable tool. Physics allows us to explain how engines work, both piston and gas turbine; how airplanes and helicopters fly; and countless other things related to the field of aviation and aerospace. In addition to allowing us to explain the operation of the things around us, it also allows us to quantify them. For example, through the use of physics we can explain what the concept of thrust means for a jet engine, and then follow it up by mathematically calculating the pounds of thrust being created.

Aviation general maintenance

Physics is the term applied to an area of knowledge regarding the basic and fundamental nature of matter and energy. It does not attempt to determine why matter and energy behave as they do in their relation to physical phenomena, but rather how they behave. The people who maintain and repair aircraft should have knowledge of basic physics, which is sometimes called the science of matter and energy.

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