Dry Sump Pressure Regulated Turbine Lubrication System

The turbine lubrication system is representative of turbine engines using a dry-sump system. [Figure] The lubrication system is a pressure regulated, high-pressure design. It consists of the pressure, scavenge, and breather subsystems.

Aircraft engine lubrication
Typical turbine dry-sump pressure regulated lubrication system

The pressure system supplies oil to the main engine bearings and to the accessory drives. The scavenger system returns the oil to the engine oil tank that is usually mounted on the compressor case. It is connected to the inlet side of the pressure oil pump and completes the oil flow cycle. A breather system connecting the individual bearing compartments and the oil tank with the breather pressurizing valve completes the engine lubrication system. In a turbine pressure relief dry-sump lubrication system, the oil supply is carried in a tank mounted on the engine. With this type of system, a larger oil supply can be carried and the temperature of the oil can be readily controlled.