Pressure System - Gas Turbine Engine Lubrication

The oil pressure branch of the engine lubrication system is pressurized by a gear-type pressure pump located in the oil pump and accessory drive housing. [Figure]

Pressure System of Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Lubrication
Typical turbine dry-sump pressure regulated lubrication system

The pressure pump receives engine oil at its lower (inlet) side and discharges pressurized oil to an oil filter located on the housing. From the oil filter, which is equipped with a bypass valve for operation in case the filter clogs, the pressurized oil is transmitted to a cored passage running through to the pressure regulating (relief) valve that maintains system pressure. The pressure regulating (relief) valve is located downstream of the pump. It is adjusted to maintain a proper pressure to the oil metering jets in the engine. The pressure regulating (relief) valve is usually easily accessible for adjustment. Then, the oil flows through the fuel oil cooler and on to the bearing cavities through last-chance filters and out spray nozzles to the bearings. Pressurized oil distributed to the engine main bearings is sprayed on the bearings through fixed orifice nozzles providing a relatively constant oil flow at all engine operating speeds.

Scavenge System

The scavenge system scavenges the main bearing compartments and circulates the scavenged oil back to the tank. The scavenge oil system includes five gear-type pumps. [Figure] The No.1 bearing oil scavenge pump scavenges accumulated oil from the front bearing case. It directs the oil through an external line to a central collecting point in the main accessory gearbox. The oil return from No. 2 and 3 bearings is through internal passages to a central collecting point in the main accessory case. The accessory gearbox oil suction pump, located in the main accessory gearbox, scavenges oil from the gearbox housing to the oil tank. Oil from the No. 4, No. 4 1/2 and No. 5 bearing accumulates in the bearing cavity and is scavenged to the accessory gearbox.

The turbine rear bearing oil suction pump scavenges oil from the No. 6 bearing compartment and directs the scavenged oil through a passage in the turbine case strut. From there, it is directed to the bearing cavity for the 4, 4 1/2, and 5 bearing cavity where it joins this oil and is returned to the oil tank. The scavenge oil passes through the deaerator as it enters the oil tank, which separates the air mixed in the return oil. The oil stays in the tank while the air flow into the accessory gearbox and enters the deoiler.

Breather Pressurizing System

The breather pressurizing system ensures a proper oil spray pattern from the main bearing oil jets and furnishes a pressure head to the scavenge system. Breather tubes in the compressor inlet case, the oil tank, the diffuser case, and the turbine exhaust case are connected to external tubing at the top of the engine. By means of this tubing, the vapor-laden atmospheres of the various bearing compartments and the oil tank are brought together in the deoiler in the accessory gearbox. The deoiler separates out the oil from the air/oil mist and vents the air back to the atmosphere.