Aircraft Hydraulic System Ram Air Turbine & Hydraulic Motor Driven Generator

Ram Air Turbine

The RAT is installed in the aircraft to provide electrical and hydraulic power if the primary sources of aircraft power are lost. Ram air is used to turn the blades of a turbine that, in turn, operates a hydraulic pump and generator. The turbine and pump assembly is generally installed on the inner surface of a door installed in the fuselage. The door is hinged, allowing the assembly to be extended into the slipstream by pulling a manual release in the flight deck. In some aircraft, the RAT automatically deploys when the main hydraulic pressure system fails and/or electrical system malfunction occurs. RATs are standard parts of the redundancy backup systems on modern-day business, regional, and large commercial jets, as well as military aircraft.

Aircraft Hydraulic System
Ram air turbine

Hydraulic Motor-Driven Generator (HMDG)

The HMDG is a servo-controlled variable displacement motor integrated with an AC generator. The HMDG is designed to maintain a desired output frequency of 400 Hz. In case of an electrical failure, the HMDG could provide an alternative source of electrical power.