Answers - Fire Protection System


1. a fixed fire protection
2. thermal switch system, thermocouple system, continuousloop detector system.
3. rate of temperature rise, slowly
4. chromel and constantan
5. thermistor, Lingberg
6. nacelle temperature
7. AND
8. Systron‐Donner, Meggitt safety systems
9. lavatories, cargo, smoke
10. flame detectors
11. reciprocating, carbon monoxide, exhaust system
12. water, ignition
13. Carbon dioxide
14. high Rate of Discharge (HRD), 1 to 2
15. liquid, gas


1. true
2. false
3. false
4. false
5. true
6. false
7. true
8. true
9. false
10. true


1. 3
2. 2
3. 1
4. 2
5. 4
6. 1
7. 4
8. 4
9. 2
10. 3


1. Engines and APU, Cargo and baggage compartments, Lavatories, Electronic bays, Wheel wells, Bleed air ducts.

2. Overheat detectors, Rate‐of‐temperature‐rise detectors, Flame detectors, Observation by crewmembers.

3. Rate‐of‐temperature‐rise detectors, Radiation sensing detectors, Smoke detectors, Overheat detectors, CO2 detectors, Combustible mixture detectors, Optical detectors.

4. Fenwal, Kidde, and Lingberg

5. Precise fit, eliminates chafing, and quick and easy to install.

6. Fire detection and extinguishing for engines, APUs, cargo bays, and bleed air systems.

7. Halocarbon Clean Agents, Halon, and dry powders.

8. Turbine engines, APU, Cargo compartments, lavatories

9. cartridge (squib) and frangible disc type valve

10. to rupture the frangible disk

11. This is an indication for the maintenance crew that the fire extinguishing system was activated by the flight crew.

12. The engine will stop because the fuel control shuts off, the engine will be isolated from the aircraft systems, and the fire extinguishing system will be activated.

13. The presence of a fire would be easily discovered by a crewmember while at his station; and each part of the compartment is easily accessible in flight.

14. Class B has a smoke detector or fire detection system.

15. The master warning lights come on, the fire warning aural operates, a cargo fire warning message shows, the cargo fire warning light comes on.

16. Kinks and sharp bends can cause an internal wire to short intermittently to the outer tubing and cause false alarms.

17. 550 psi

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