Preservation and Depreservation of Gas Turbine Engines

The procedures for preserving and depreserving gas turbine engines vary depending upon the length of inactivity, the type of preservative used, and whether or not the engine may be rotated during the inactive period. Much of the basic information on corrosion control presented in the section on reciprocating engines is applicable to gas turbine engines. However, the requirements for the types of preservatives and their use are normally different.

The lubrication system is usually drained and may or may not be flushed with preservative oil. The engine fuel system is generally filled with preservative oil, including the fuel control. Before the engine can be returned to service, the preservative oil must be completely flushed from the fuel system by motoring the engine and bleeding the fuel system. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when performing any preservation or depreservation of gas turbine engines.