Installation of Horizontally Opposed Type Aircraft Engine

The following procedure is typical of those used for installing a horizontally opposed engine after the accessories are mounted on the engine. Insert engine mounting bolts into the engine mount and slide the shock mounts onto the bolts so that the flat surface of the shock mount is flush with the engine mounting pad.

1. Slide the shock mount spacers onto the engine mounting bolts.

2. Attach a hoist to the lifting eye and lift the engine. Tilt the rear of the engine downward until the magnetos clear the engine mount. Position the mounting lugs of the engine so they align with the engine mount attaching points.

3. Insert an upper mounting bolt into the engine until its threaded end extends one or two threads from the mount itself.

4. Slide a shock mount between the engine mount and the engine.

5. Repeat the procedure described in steps 5 and 6 above for the remaining attachment points.

6. Install the front engine rubber mounts on the bolts and over the forward end of the sleeve; check to see that shock mounts are not binding.

Installation of Horizontally Opposed Type Aircraft Engine
Rubber shock mount in steel engine mount

7. Insert the magneto P-leads, tighten and safety.

8. Install a washer and castellated nut on each mounting bolt. Tighten the nuts progressively, following a circular sequence, to the torque value specified by the manufacturer. Install cotter pins.

9. Install gasket and carburetor air box.

10. Connect the engine breather line.

11. Connect the engine oil cooler air duct boot.

12. Connect the engine oil temperature lead.

13. Connect the oil cooler hoses.

14. Connect the tachometer cable.

15. Attach the propeller governor control cable.

16. Connect the bonding strap to the engine mount ring.

17. Connect the oil pressure line.

18. Reconnect the starter generator and battery leads.

19. Install the cylinder head temperature thermocouple.

20. Connect the primer line.

21. Reconnect the lines to the vacuum pump.

22. Reconnect the hydraulic pump lines.

23. Attach the exhaust system and generator blast tube.

24. Slide the complete cowl assembly in position and attach the bottom sections.

25. Install the top cowling with the cowl fasteners.

26. Install the propeller.